About Us
TechVets Inc. is a service-connected disabled-veteran owned company that provides electrical-engineering services, antenna products, cable assemblies and webbing products primarily for the federal government. We offer custom built equipment tailored to your mission for those who demand the state of the art.

TVI counts towards your service-connected, disabled-veteran contracting goal established to comply with Public Law 106-51, The Veterans Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Act of 1999. TVI is registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) under DUNS number 040706751.
HPM Measurements
TechVets has core competencies in High Power Microwave (HPM) measurements, antenna design and expedient antenna construction in deployed environments. Our Placitas New Mexico facility builds and calibrates custom antennas.

Our HPM RF measurement techniques save our customers thousands of dollars. High power sources are measured with thin sheets of carbon impregnated Kapton. High power RF sources heat the Kapton, then an InfraRed (IR) camera, calibrated as thermometer, takes data that is used to solve the heat equation and calculate power on target for continuous wave sources at Mega Watt and above power levels.

This technique gives imagery with mm level resolution. Such mappings are not possible with wave guides or sensors that may not be spaced closely together.
E Field Graph
Cables and Connectors
TechVets produces wiring harnesses and cables for the federal government. Our specialty is custom electrical cable and leads that involve mil-spec crimping, swaging and stripping.
Crimper HUMVEE Cable
K-9 Air Rappel Harness System (Patent 119770000)
The K-9 Air Rappel is a harness system for rappel insertion of handlers and working dogs in tandem by helicopter or in mountainous terrain. The four point cinch attachment system allows the canine to be loosely attached to the handler then snugged tightly to the handler immediately prior to insertion. This also keeps the canine securely against the handler regardless of attitude during descent.

The quick release system allows the handler and canine to separate within 30 seconds of insertion and work for prolonged periods in their harnesses. The team may then be extracted either together or separately with multiple connection options.

Harness Top
The system exceeds the specifications for military life support equipment (PIA 4088B/5038D/27265A) with electroless nickel coated hardware and solution dyed nylon webbing for increased ultra-violate light resistance. These enhancements allow us to offer a 4 year full replacement warranty. Solution dyed nylon also provides a decreased infra-red signature. TechVets Inc. offers an instructor certification course for agencies that want to establish an internal training program. Harness Side

Harness Tighten
Wounded Warriors
TechVets donates project management time and sewing machines to support adaptive ski programs with safety equipment.
Mark Wilbanks, President